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  • Volleyball on the gym floor

    A Simple Guide to Volleyball Positions and Rotations

    When I started playing volleyball, one of the most fundamental things that was covered wasn’t related to ball-handling skills, strategy, or even athleticism. It was about rotating, and your position on the volleyball court. Understanding these fundamentals is one of the first things you should understand when you start playing volleyball. Trust me – everything…

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  • Volleyball on floor

    7 Basic Volleyball Skills for Beginners

    Every sport has a set of basic skills associated with it. For soccer, it’s kicking a ball; for baseball, it’s swinging a bat and catching a ball; and for hockey, it’s skating and shooting a puck. While each of these sports also has specialized positions, every player should know at least the basic set of…

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  • Wooden cornhole board with corn bags

    How To Play Cornhole: Rules and Regulations

    Cornhole is a popular game played during tailgating parties. You may have seen people throwing beanbags into holes before baseball games or even in their front yard during a barbeque. Cornhole can be a fun and laugh-inducing game to play, especially when it comes to cornhole slang, but what are the rules and regulations of…

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  • Two Cornhole players

    How to Host a Backyard Cornhole Tournament

    With Spring fast approaching, you may be planning some fun get-together activities with neighbors, family, or friends. Alternatively, you may be planning a charity event and be searching for a fun competitive game. A backyard cornhole tournament can be just what you need. How does one host a backyard cornhole tournament? Hosting a successful backyard…

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  • Cornhole board with bean bags

    20 Basic Cornhole Tips for Beginners

    Cornhole is a fun, simple game. All you need to play the game are cornhole bags (similar to bean bags) and a cornhole board. But what if you’re just a newbie? What can you do to learn, enjoy, and get better at the game? Here are 20 cornhole tips for beginners, from buying equipment to…

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  • College volleyball net

    What Do Collegiate Volleyball Coaches Look For?

    The world of young athletes’ college volleyball is competitive, and many talented young men and women work for years to warm a place on a college team. With intense competition, what can you do to stand out from the crowd? What do collegiate volleyball coaches look for? Collegiate volleyball coaches look for impressive video footage…

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  • Beach Volleyball Net

    What Height Should Volleyball Nets Be Set To?

    If you’re looking to set up a volleyball court, the first thing you need is a net! What height should the volleyball net be set to? Does it depend on who is playing? Does it matter if indoor or outdoor? Yes, there are different heights for different types of volleyball games. Generally, the net height…

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  • Beach Volleyball Player

    How Long Do Volleyball Games Last?

    Someone you know just joined the volleyball team, and their first game is coming up. You’d love to go and support them, but with a busy schedule, you don’t know if you can make it. You’re trying to plan it out, but how long do volleyball games last? How long is each set? A typical…

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