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  • Woman hitting volleyball

    11 Tips to Not Be Afraid of Receiving a Spike

    Each sport has an aspect that terrifies new athletes. Swimming has flip turns and starts, running has hurdles, track and field has the high jump, and baseball has a fastpitch. It is no shock that volleyball would have its own terror: spikes. There’s no getting around it. If you’re going to play volleyball, you need…

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  • News paper print

    Is Playing Volleyball Good for Your Health?

    Walk down any grocery store checkout line, and the magazines scream out promises of “a new, healthy you” or “fastest ways to build muscle mass.” With the culture being more health-conscious, the question becomes, is playing volleyball good for your health? With body and mind strengthening combined, volleyball can be an excellent source of health-forward…

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  • teeth with dental braces

    Can You Play Volleyball with Dental Braces?

    Volleyball is an excellent, full-body workout with health and mental benefits felt by its players. With so many players worldwide, the chances of some needing mouth braces during their lifetime of playing volleyball are high. According to the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, 4 million people in Canada and the United States are under an orthodontist’s…

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  • A volleyball in the grass

    How to Fix Anxiety Before and During Volleyball Games

    When anxiety impedes our ability to play the sport we love, we notice. As a volleyball player, you train for the games. You dream of the moment that your bump, set, or spike lands the perfect play or the winning point. What you don’t anticipate is the sudden rush of anxiety, disrupting your flow. So,…

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  • Player sitting on bench

    Why Does My Coach Not Play Me

    There is nothing more critical to an athlete than playing time. Watching from a bench while your teammates get an unequal share of time is not any player’s ideal situation. When it happens, a bit of introspection will help you answer the question, “why does my coach not play me?” Kobe Bryant said, “I’ll do…

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  • Weight room

    How to Get Ready for Volleyball Season

    Volleyball season is always right around the bend. Whether you’re playing indoor or beach volleyball, there are tricks to get in shape for the season, items to pack in your bag, and methods to prepare for a tryout. Focusing your attention on these three topics allows you to fine-tune the details and bring your best…

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