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  • Man bumping a volleyball

    How to Practice Volleyball by Yourself

    The best way to get good at a sport is to practice. However, when playing in a recreational sports league, you’re just showing up to play games – there are no practices. And, many drills require a volleyball court and equipment, and other players, of course. So, how are you supposed to improve, when you’re…

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  • Teammate's shaking hands

    Volleyball Etiquette: 14 Unwritten Rules You Should Know

    Volleyball is a gentlemen’s game. No, I don’t mean that only men play it; volleyball is a game with a high level of sportsmanship. There’s no tackling, jostling, or even contact with the other team. In fact, the two teams are separated by a net, to ensure there is no contact. Every sport has an…

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  • White volleyball on gym floor

    16 Volleyball Tips for Beginners

    When playing any sport, you should to know the skills, the rules, and the etiquette. And all of these come with practice. There’s also the little things you pick up after you’ve been playing for a while, things that definitely come with experience. Here are 16 tips that you won’t see in the volleyball rule…

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  • Multiple snacks

    Best Snacks for a Volleyball Tournament

    What you pack in your lunch cooler for a volleyball tournament is just as important as what you pack in your gym bag. Playing in a volleyball tournament all day means that you’ll be burning lots of calories, so you’ll want to refuel properly. Tournament day is a day of endurance, and you don’t want…

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  • Player holding volleyball against waist

    7 Best Volleyball Plays for Beginners

    So, you’re playing volleyball one night, and right before the other team serves, the setter looks at you and makes a “money, money” gesture. “What the heck was that?”, you wonder. Next thing you know, the set that you thought was going to be a metre high in the middle is actually coming at you…

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  • A player tipping a ball and a set of hands blocking

    How to Score Points In Volleyball Without Spiking

    Many people think that you have to be an amazing hitter to be a good volleyball player. While being able to spike the ball is a great skill to have, it’s not the only way that you can score a point in volleyball. With spiking, the primary objective is power – you want to hit…

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