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  • College volleyball net

    What Do Collegiate Volleyball Coaches Look For?

    The world of young athletes’ college volleyball is competitive, and many talented young men and women work for years to warm a place on a college team. With intense competition, what can you do to stand out from the crowd? What do collegiate volleyball coaches look for? Collegiate volleyball coaches look for impressive video footage…

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  • Beach Volleyball Net

    What Height Should Volleyball Nets Be Set To?

    If you’re looking to set up a volleyball court, the first thing you need is a net! What height should the volleyball net be set to? Does it depend on who is playing? Does it matter if indoor or outdoor? Yes, there are different heights for different types of volleyball games. Generally, the net height…

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  • Beach Volleyball Player

    How Long Do Volleyball Games Last?

    Someone you know just joined the volleyball team, and their first game is coming up. You’d love to go and support them, but with a busy schedule, you don’t know if you can make it. You’re trying to plan it out, but how long do volleyball games last? How long is each set? A typical…

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  • Volleyball on gym floor

    Can You Use Your Feet While Playing Volleyball?

    If you play volleyball, you may know all the basic rules. But what happens if you can’t reach the ball with your hands or arms? Can you use your feet? According to the official rules of NCAA volleyball, using your feet or any part of your body is perfectly legal if the ball does not…

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  • Volleyball Team cheer

    14 Volleyball Chants and Cheers For Game Day

    You’ve made the volleyball team, but you don’t know any cheers or chants to show your pride and excitement! What are some cheers that can bring your team together? What are some chants that you can say to encourage your teammates? Volleyball cheers and chants are strongly encouraged to motivate and inspire teams to keep…

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  • woman volleyball player

    Can Liberos Serve in Volleyball?

    If you like volleyball, you know all the different types of players: The outside hitter, setter, opposite, middle blocker, defensive specialist, serving specialist, and libero. Each position is pretty explanatory, except for the libero. What is a libero? Why do they wear a special jersey? Can they serve? A libero is a defensive position, typically…

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