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  • woman hitting a volleyball

    11 Beginner Volleyball Skills for Left-Side Hitters

    The left-side hitter, or outside hitter, is a pivotal part of the team. They will play an important role in the defence. But their primary objective is to attack, spiking the ball over the net. Because of this, a left-side hitter is an essential part of any volleyball team. They will need to develop a…

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  • man hitting a volleyball over a net

    10 Beginner Volleyball Skills for Right Side Hitters

    Developing strong hitting skills is important for volleyball. When harnessed properly, you will be able to launch an effective attack and get your team some points.  The good news is that this is a skill that you can hone over time. Keep reading to learn some tips on how right-side hitters can improve their abilities.…

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  • volleyball hit into a net

    How to Improve Your Aim in Volleyball

    On the court, being able to aim the volleyball is essential. Regardless of which position you play: you need to be able to put the ball in the right place. Despite its importance, this can be a difficult skill to learn. Thankfully, with a few changes to your form and some drill work, you will…

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  • indoor volleyball net

    11 Beginner Volleyball Tips for Liberos

    Liberos play a very important role on the team. They play only in the back row and are a defensive specialist. Once they get to the ball, they need to pass it so the team can run the offense properly. Because of the specialized nature of this position, there is a wide range of skills…

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  • Tray of nachos

    How to Run a Sports Tournament Concession Stand (Free Guide)

    So, you’ve been volunteered to run the concession stand for your team’s upcoming tournament. No big deal, you think; I’ll just sell some chocolate bars and sports drinks. Well, there’s actually a lot more to running a concession stand at a sports tournament, even if it’s just run by volunteers. This guide will provide you…

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  • volleyball underhand serve

    5 Beginner Volleyball Tips for Serving Underhand

    There are many skills you need to learn to be a skilled volleyball player. Often, the best place to start is by learning how to use the basic skills in volleyball first and then practicing those skills until they become second nature. The underhand serve is a great place to start. The good news is…

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