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  • woman volleyball player

    Can Liberos Serve in Volleyball?

    If you like volleyball, you know all the different types of players: The outside hitter, setter, opposite, middle blocker, defensive specialist, serving specialist, and libero. Each position is pretty explanatory, except for the libero. What is a libero? Why do they wear a special jersey? Can they serve? A libero is a defensive position, typically…

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  • Bumping a volleyball

    11 Basic Volleyball Skills for Bumping the Ball

    Bumping the ball is one of the most important skills that you can possess in volleyball. This is how you will pass the ball to your teammate. Because of how basic this skill is, it’s often expected that every member on the team will be able to do it effectively. The good news is that…

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  • Soccer players stepping on soccer ball

    Can You Wear Soccer Cleats for Softball?

    Cleats are a type of footwear shared by various athletes from all kinds of sports, including soccer, baseball, softball, and more. However, each sport utilizes cleats that offer unique benefits to playing in their specific environments – so, can they be used across sports? You cannot wear the same cleats used in soccer for softball.…

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  • Baseball players cheering

    12 Funny Softball Chants and Cheers for All Ages

    As with many other traditions in the world of softball, cheers and chants have a special role in building morale and uplifting a sense of camaraderie and friendly opposition. Today I am going to share with you some of the funniest Softball chants that everyone can participate in! So what is a funny chant or…

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  • Score board

    How Many Innings are in Softball?

    Softball as a sport can often be overlooked by many, but the game has a lot of interesting history, lore, and gameplay to admire. However, if you are just entering the world of interest in softball, you may have found yourself wondering – how many innings are there in softball? At the college level major…

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  • Baseball glove on the ground

    Can You Use a Baseball Glove for Softball?

    Softball and baseball are two sports that are constantly compared to each other, which is not surprising, considering how much the two sports have in common. However, since I’ve always been an enthusiast of both baseball and softball, I’ve always wondered, are they interchangeable? Can you use a baseball glove for softball? Yes, you can…

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