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  • Softball catcher talking to pitcher

    How Fast Do Women’s Softball Pitch?

    Women’s softball is a sport that does heavily rely on the speed of the pitcher. Pitchers who throw fast will likely be noticed and chosen for advanced teams earlier on. However, how fast a woman can pitch in softball depends on their age and level of strength. On average, pitchers in the World College Women…

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  • Man with multiple hands holding different sporting equipment

    How to Become Ambidextrous for Playing Sports

    When you play sports there is always something holding each player back and that’s the lack of the ability to use both sides of their body with optimum efficiency. Some people are born ambidextrous and it has allowed them to be dangerous in both offense and defense in whatever sport they choose, but the rest…

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  • Man running in the woods

    12 Benefits of Active Participation in Recreational Sports

    Recreational sports clubs are a great chance for you to get active. We all know this physical and social connection is good not only for are physical health but it also has massive benefits to our mental health as well. The human body was built to move and some of the best medicine we can…

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  • Exercise equipment

    How to Build and Maintain a Volleyball Player’s Body

    Volleyball is a physical game. It will be a whole-body workout, affecting every part of your body. Because of this, it’s important to work on building your strength and endurance. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to improve your fitness and build your body. When done right, you should be able to…

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  • Setting a volleyball

    10 Volleyball Tips on How to Read a Setter

    When playing volleyball, it’s important to think about the way the opposition is playing. This will give you a clue as to what areas of the court the opposition is going to target. If you know this, you’ll be able to defend yourself from their attacks. Learning how to read the setter can seem to…

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  • Woman with ponytail

    12 Cutest Hairstyles for Woman’s Volleyball

    Even though you are playing volleyball doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute. Your hairstyle should be about more than just keeping the hair out of your eyes during the game. It can also be a way of expressing your personality. Like the rest of your volleyball attire, it must be comfortable while you play.…

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