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  • Setting a volleyball using hands

    How to Set a Volleyball Without Hurting Your Fingers

    Setting the volleyball is an important part of the game. But this puts a lot of pressure on your hands. What are some of the best ways to set the ball without hurting your fingers? The best option is to make sure that you are using the right technique. The ball should be hitting your…

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  • Volleyball player going to block the ball

    10 Volleyball Tips to Improve Jumping

    Whether it’s blocking a shot or making a serve, volleyballers need to be able to jump. However, this is also one of the areas that new players will struggle with. It requires you to engage muscles in your knees, thigh, and core.  At first, you likely won’t be able to jump very high. But, if…

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  • Woman holding a volleyball

    How to Become The Best Volleyball Player on Your Team

    If you love volleyball, you want to make sure that you are giving your team the best chance of winning. The best way to do this is by working on your skills. But what are some of the ways you can take to become the standout player on your team? There are a few steps…

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  • Beach net

    10 Volleyball Tips for Shorter Players

    Volleyball is a sport that tends to favour taller people. They will find it a lot easier to jump over the net. But that doesn’t mean that shorter players won’t be able to excel in the sport. In some cases, being shorter can even be considered an advantage. If you are a shorter player, you’ll…

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  • Woman serving a volleyball

    Can You Switch Hands While Serving a Volleyball?

    Learning how to serve is one of the most important parts of volleyball. When you are doing this, getting the right technique is vital. So, are you able to switch hands when making a volleyball serve? Typically, when serving you will toss the ball with one hand and hit it with the other. But you…

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  • Hitting ball over net

    10 Volleyball Serving Tips for Beginners

    Serving is one of the most important skills that volleyball players will need to master. However, this is something that beginners often struggle with. Serving doesn’t need to be hard. With a few simple tips, you will quickly see your skills improving. Keep reading to learn the best ways to get a better serve. 1.…

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