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  • Hardball and softball beside each other

    Why are Softballs Bigger Than Baseballs?

    Softball is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and it is very similar in gameplay and tools to another sport – baseball. One of the things that makes these two sports so different from one another is their use of differently sized balls which got me to wonder, why are softballs…

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  • Woman pitching a softball

    Why Do Women’s Softball Pitch Underhand?

    One of the most notable differences between baseball and softball happens at the moment the ball leaves the pitcher’s hands. In fact, the major difference is that of the type of pitch. Traditionally, softball players use an underhand motion to throw the ball – but why? Today, I’m going to answer just that. Why do…

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  • Softball on ground beside home plate

    Is Softball Harder Than Baseball?

    Softball and baseball are two games that have a lot of similarities – which has prompted many to compare the two. While each game poses its own interesting rules and traditions, a common question that comes up about the two games is which one is harder. According to experts, the game of fastpitch softball is…

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  • Baseball player with one foot touching a base

    How Long Does a Softball Game Last

    Softball is a popular game and sport that is played all around the world. It is a team sport that involves two teams, both taking turns at batting and fielding. In this article, we will discuss how long a softball game lasts, what types of softball games there are, and the factors that contribute to…

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  • Softball catcher talking to pitcher

    How Fast Do Women’s Softball Pitch?

    Women’s softball is a sport that does heavily rely on the speed of the pitcher. Pitchers who throw fast will likely be noticed and chosen for advanced teams earlier on. However, how fast a woman can pitch in softball depends on their age and level of strength. On average, pitchers in the World College Women…

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  • Player sitting on bench

    Why Does My Coach Not Play Me

    There is nothing more critical to an athlete than playing time. Watching from a bench while your teammates get an unequal share of time is not any player’s ideal situation. When it happens, a bit of introspection will help you answer the question, “why does my coach not play me?” Kobe Bryant said, “I’ll do…

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