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  • Volleyball on floor

    7 Basic Volleyball Skills for Beginners

    Every sport has a set of basic skills associated with it. For soccer, it’s kicking a ball; for baseball, it’s swinging a bat and catching a ball; and for hockey, it’s skating and shooting a puck. While each of these sports also has specialized positions, every player should know at least the basic set of…

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  • White volleyball on gym floor with net

    What equipment is needed for indoor volleyball?

    The type of equipment that is needed for indoor volleyball can be broken down into two broad categories: equipment that is needed to setup the court and the equipment that a player needs for themselves. When you’re playing in an indoor league, much of the court equipment will likely be provided. But it’s always a…

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  • Teammate's doing a cheer

    Is wearing jewelry in volleyball against the rules?

    Volleyball players have a certain look to them. Yes, it’s partly attitude. But one thing you’ve probably noticed about volleyball players is that they don’t have a lot of accessories. No jewelry, no long, manicured nails, and very basic hair accessories.  And very few players wear glasses. Have you ever wondered why volleyball players keep…

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  • Is playing coed volleyball really that different?

    Playing coed adult sports offers a whole different kind of dynamic than playing on a men’s or women’s team does. The social aspect definitely increases, but that doesn’t mean that the level of competitiveness decreases. And the rules may be a bit different, but they’re pretty straightforward and easy to remember after a few games.…

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  • Coed volleyball game

    What are the rules for recreational coed volleyball

    Whether you’re new to the game of volleyball or you’ve been playing for years, you’ve probably seen the option of recreational coed volleyball. It’s a great way to stay social and active at the same time. However, having men and women on the court together changes things a bit. The team dynamics are different, and…

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  • Woman holding her sore knee

    Common volleyball injuries and how to prevent them

    When is a sports injury a good thing? When it makes for a great story. But when your injury sidelines you from playing your favourite sport, it becomes an issue. One of the last things you want is to be sitting on the sidelines with an injury. It’s true that injuries are a common risk…

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