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  • Team listening to a coach

    Basic rules of volleyball for beginners

    Like any sport, volleyball has its fair share of rules to follow. Some of these might seem really complicated and confusing (like what is the difference between front court and back court anyway!), but most of the rules are pretty straight-forward, especially after you’ve played a few games. Don’t worry, even the most seasoned players…

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  • Team huddle

    What should I bring to an indoor volleyball tournament?

    Playing in your first recreational indoor volleyball tournament, but not sure what you need to bring in your gym bag? You want to make sure you have the basics, but you definitely don’t want to bring too much – after all, you’ll be carrying it around all day! Do you even need anything different when…

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  • Woman hitting a volleyball

    How to Find a Recreational Volleyball league in Your Community

    Trying to find a recreational volleyball league in your community and not sure where to start? Here’s a few different ways you can find information about leagues in your community. Joining a recreational volleyball league is a great way to meet people and to stay active. These tips for finding a league in your community…

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  • Volleyball resting on gym floor

    What to know before your first recreational volleyball game

    Joining a recreational volleyball league is a great way to meet new people, stay active, and learn or improve your athletic skills. But if you’re new to volleyball, hitting the volleyball courts for the first time since grade school gym class can be intimidating. You’ve packed your gym bag, so you won’t look like a…

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  • A practice volleyball on gym floor

    What should I wear to play recreational volleyball?

    So you’ve decided to get more active and you’ve joined a recreational volleyball league. Great! You’re looking forward to getting some exercise, meeting new people, and learning a great, new sport. But you don’t know what you should wear. You know the basics: gym clothes. But what else do you really need to bring before…

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