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  • Bowling balls sitting on a rack

    17 Reasons You Should Join a Social Sports Team

    Sports. For some, playing on sports teams was a central part of growing up. For others, it was an awkward or boring experience, and we only played when we really had to, like in gym class. Usually, the main emphasis of playing sports was winning. But what about the social aspect? That where social sports…

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  • Woman serving a volleyball

    Ace Your Game with These Volleyball Serving Tips

    Every play in a volleyball game starts with a serve. But that doesn’t mean that ever serve has to be a nice and easy start to the play. The serve is actually a very strategic opportunity to throw your opponent off their game, and to try to keep the momentum of the play to your…

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  • woman's volleyball team cheering a win

    Complete Guide to Planning and Hosting a Volleyball Tournament

    Whether it’s for a charity fundraiser, a competitive recreational league, or a club league, hosting a volleyball tournament is a great way to get in a full day of volleyball. It’s fun for the players, coaches, and spectators. And, if it’s planned well, it doesn’t have to be stress-filled day for the organizers. Hosting a…

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  • open hand over top a finger

    Volleyball Timeout Strategies: When to Call It and What to Say

    Picture this: you’re heading to the back of the court to serve. The game is tied at 23. It’s your fifth serve; your team has just won 4 rallies in row, scoring 4 consecutive points. The energy of the game has shifted, you can feel it. The momentum is definitely with your team! You’re getting…

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  • Setting a volleyball

    23 Tips to Become the Best Volleyball Setter

    A setter’s job is not easy, and it’s not for everyone. Being a good setter is not just about being a great athlete. It’s actually much more involved than that. Whether you’re just starting out as a setter, or you’ve been playing as the setter and want to improve, here are 23 tips that will…

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  • Stack of pancakes

    Volleyball lingo that sounds like food but is for real

    What do a chicken wing, a pancake, and deep dish have in common? No, it’s not what I had for dinner last night – though it sounds yummy! They are actual terms used in volleyball. Every sport has its own terminology. Some of it is official, and some of it is much more casual –…

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