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  • Volleyball on sand

    Is Beach Volleyball Harder Than Indoor?

    Up to this point, your experience with volleyball may have been within the caged realm of indoor volleyball. The elements are predictable and stable. The lights, the feel of the courts, even the smells are relatively similar from venue to venue. However, the lure of the outdoors is calling. The potential of changing the scenery…

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  • beach net on sand

    Rule Differences Between Beach And Indoor Volleyball

    Transitioning from beach volleyball to indoor volleyball, or vice versa, is not as easy as just jumping on a different type of volleyball court. Not only do the courts and conditions change, but the rules change as well. Heck, even the equipment changes! Your most valuable time is spent creating muscle memory and not wasting…

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  • Volleyball net at beach

    7 Ways Beach Volleyball Is Different Than Indoor

    For many athletes, the changing of seasons often means a change in the sports we play. For indoor volleyball players, that might mean transitioning to the beach courts. But if you’re new at the game, you may be wondering: “How is beach volleyball different than indoor?” And you might actually be surprised at how different…

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  • Yoga matt with dumbbells

    Why Volleyball Players Should Do Yoga

    It is hard to find a sport’s coach not singing the praises of yoga to his/her athletes. From professional football to little kid’s swim workouts, coaches everywhere are pushing yoga. So, why should volleyball players do yoga?  According to Jill Wosmek, former Head Athletic Trainer for the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team, yoga assists volleyball…

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