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  • Volleyball on court

    10 Volleyball Tips for Left-Handed Players

    Left-handed people make up around 10 percent of the world’s population. But, for them, taking part in the sport can be a little more challenging. The good news is that being left-handed can be a huge advantage in volleyball. These players are harder for the other team to predict. Keep reading to learn 10 of…

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  • A volleyball in the grass

    How to Fix Anxiety Before and During Volleyball Games

    When anxiety impedes our ability to play the sport we love, we notice. As a volleyball player, you train for the games. You dream of the moment that your bump, set, or spike lands the perfect play or the winning point. What you don’t anticipate is the sudden rush of anxiety, disrupting your flow. So,…

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  • Weight room

    How to Get Ready for Volleyball Season

    Volleyball season is always right around the bend. Whether you’re playing indoor or beach volleyball, there are tricks to get in shape for the season, items to pack in your bag, and methods to prepare for a tryout. Focusing your attention on these three topics allows you to fine-tune the details and bring your best…

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  • jumping bare foot in sand

    How Sand Socks Will Improve Your Beach Volleyball Game

    With heatwaves making their way through North America, beach volleyball players need to be concerned about more than just dehydration and UV rays. It’s also about the sand heating up and causing burns on the feet. According to Dr. Curt Armstrong from Conway Medical Center, sand can easily surpass 100 degrees, sending people to burn…

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  • two woman playing beach

    Top 5 Best Sunglasses for Beach Volleyball

    The sun is glaring and sweat beads, sending salty drops down your face. You dive for a spiked ball, spraying sand up and onto your face. In this scenario, you need the best possible sunglasses to prevent the elements of sweat, sun, and sand from hurting one of your most vulnerable parts: your eyes. Let’s…

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  • Beach Safety Tips for Working Out at the Beach

    During the warmer months, we all want to get outside and enjoying the summer weather as much as we can. A great way to do this is to move your workout to the beach! The sun, sand, and surf make for a great backdrop for burning calories. But keep in mind that when we exercise,…

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