Gym Bag

You might think that any old gym bag will work for volleyball. But what I’ve found is that the duffel bag style works really well. You can unzip the top part of the bag, and all your stuff is easily accessible. And, with a few side pockets, you can even keep your things organized, instead of just stuffing them all into your bag!

I like the Mizuno brand of bags, because they really cater to a volleyball player’s stuff. Many players will carry their own ball, shoes, extra clothing, water bottle, and lots of other little things that end up needing a decent amount of space.

Recommended gym bag: Mizuno Bolt Duffle Bag

The Mizuno Bolt Duffle Bag is a good size. It’s big enough to fit all your stuff, without being huge and awkward to lug around. It’s durable, which is important, because you’ll be tossing things into it a lot, and carrying it around for games and tournaments.

If you’re really attached to a back pack style of bag, Mizuno also has the Mizuno Bolt Backpack, which is similar to the duffle bag but in a back pack style. I haven’t used this one myself, but it seems to be very similar in terms of space, and also has compartments for shoes, a ball, and all your other stuff.

If you’re wondering what kind of things to keep in your bag, check out this article, What equipment is needed for indoor volleyball?, to find out some common things to bring to a volleyball game.