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  • Volleyball coach

    Are Private Volleyball Lessons Worth It?

    Most volleyball players want to find ways to improve their game. Because of this, you might be considering taking private lessons. But this means making a big commitment and paying extra tuition fees. So, is taking private volleyball lessons worth it? If you are serious about improving your volleyball skills, private lessons are a good…

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  • Volleyball on court

    10 Volleyball Tips for Left-Handed Players

    Left-handed people make up around 10 percent of the world’s population. But, for them, taking part in the sport can be a little more challenging. The good news is that being left-handed can be a huge advantage in volleyball. These players are harder for the other team to predict. Keep reading to learn 10 of…

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  • Camp cabins

    What to Expect at Volleyball Camp

    When summer arrives, for some it’s all about relaxing and hanging out with friends. But for others it’s also a time to start packing for camp. But not just any ordinary camp – volleyball camp! Although volleyball camp does have similar activities that a traditional camp has, like campfires at night and swimming, the difference…

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  • Volleyball on net

    Why is Timing so Important When Playing Volleyball?

    There are many elements that you will need to master when you are playing volleyball. One of the most important is timing. But what makes this skill so vital? There are many reasons why timing is so important. First, it will allow you to improve your reaction time, so you can hit the ball. It…

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  • Multiple sports balls

    Why are Recreational Sports so Important?

    Recreational sports are hugely popular, with millions taking part each year. The reasons why people choose to take part are as diverse as the sports that they play. But why is this type of recreational sport so important? There are multiple areas that recreational sports benefit. It can improve the physical and mental health of…

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  • Team cheer

    What to Expect at a Beginner Volleyball Clinic

    If you are new to the world of volleyball, you might want to try attending a clinic. This is a great chance to learn the skills that you need to know, in a relatively short period. However, what can you expect from one of these sessions? A volleyball clinic is a concentrated coaching session, often…

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