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  • open hand over top a finger

    Volleyball Timeout Strategies: When to Call It and What to Say

    Picture this: you’re heading to the back of the court to serve. The game is tied at 23. It’s your fifth serve; your team has just won 4 rallies in row, scoring 4 consecutive points. The energy of the game has shifted, you can feel it. The momentum is definitely with your team! You’re getting…

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  • Setting a volleyball

    23 Tips to Become the Best Volleyball Setter

    A setter’s job is not easy, and it’s not for everyone. Being a good setter is not just about being a great athlete. It’s actually much more involved than that. Whether you’re just starting out as a setter, or you’ve been playing as the setter and want to improve, here are 23 tips that will…

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  • Stack of pancakes

    Volleyball lingo that sounds like food but is for real

    What do a chicken wing, a pancake, and deep dish have in common? No, it’s not what I had for dinner last night – though it sounds yummy! They are actual terms used in volleyball. Every sport has its own terminology. Some of it is official, and some of it is much more casual –…

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  • Man bumping a volleyball

    How to Practice Volleyball by Yourself

    The best way to get good at a sport is to practice. However, when playing in a recreational sports league, you’re just showing up to play games – there are no practices. And, many drills require a volleyball court and equipment, and other players, of course. So, how are you supposed to improve, when you’re…

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  • Teammate's shaking hands

    Volleyball Etiquette: 14 Unwritten Rules You Should Know

    Volleyball is a gentlemen’s game. No, I don’t mean that only men play it; volleyball is a game with a high level of sportsmanship. There’s no tackling, jostling, or even contact with the other team. In fact, the two teams are separated by a net, to ensure there is no contact. Every sport has an…

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  • White volleyball on gym floor

    16 Volleyball Tips for Beginners

    When playing any sport, you should to know the skills, the rules, and the etiquette. And all of these come with practice. There’s also the little things you pick up after you’ve been playing for a while, things that definitely come with experience. Here are 16 tips that you won’t see in the volleyball rule…

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