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  • Yoga matt with dumbbells

    Why Volleyball Players Should Do Yoga

    It is hard to find a sport’s coach not singing the praises of yoga to his/her athletes. From professional football to little kid’s swim workouts, coaches everywhere are pushing yoga. So, why should volleyball players do yoga?  According to Jill Wosmek, former Head Athletic Trainer for the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team, yoga assists volleyball…

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  • Weight training

    Improve Your Game by Training in the Volleyball Off-Season

    The secret to improve in any sport requires the athlete continue training in the off-season. To simply take a break when the season ends is equivalent to only reading when it is required for homework. Sure, you can do it, but you will never be as successful as if you practiced when not required.  According to Ohio…

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  • Coach talking to a team

    How to Be a Good Bench Player

    Most freshly minted athletes of team sports live under this general rule: you will initially spend a good deal of the time on the bench. While this may seem as if you are contributing absolutely zilch to the team, in reality, it is much the opposite. So, how do you become a good bench player?…

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  • Volleyball on the gym floor

    A Simple Guide to Volleyball Positions and Rotations

    When I started playing volleyball, one of the most fundamental things that was covered wasn’t related to ball-handling skills, strategy, or even athleticism. It was about rotating, and your position on the volleyball court. Understanding these fundamentals is one of the first things you should understand when you start playing volleyball. Trust me – everything…

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  • Woman serving a volleyball

    Ace Your Game with These Volleyball Serving Tips

    Every play in a volleyball game starts with a serve. But that doesn’t mean that ever serve has to be a nice and easy start to the play. The serve is actually a very strategic opportunity to throw your opponent off their game, and to try to keep the momentum of the play to your…

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  • woman's volleyball team cheering a win

    Complete Guide to Planning and Hosting a Volleyball Tournament

    Whether it’s for a charity fundraiser, a competitive recreational league, or a club league, hosting a volleyball tournament is a great way to get in a full day of volleyball. It’s fun for the players, coaches, and spectators. And, if it’s planned well, it doesn’t have to be stress-filled day for the organizers. Hosting a…

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