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Softball and baseball are very similar games, however, there are some differences. In this article, we will discuss the differences, similarities, and other interesting facts and information about both of these sports.

The main difference between softball and baseball is the equipment used. Both games have a very similar structure such in the way of scoring, player positions, and field layout therefore it is the equipment used such as the bats, balls, and the base distances that are the main components of what make softball and baseball different.

Softball and baseball are two popular but different sports and if you don’t play the sports, you may not know what the differences are. Let’s explore these two sports and learn about each of them in more detail.

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How Are Softball and Baseball Different?

The differences between softball and baseball may be subtle and hard to see when watching a game, so let’s dive into the main differences between these two games.

BallApprox 12 inches Softer YellowApprox 9 inches Hard Red with white stitching
BatLighter Thinner Professional players use bats that are metals or woodHeavier Thicker Professional players use wooden bats
PitchingPitched from a flat pitching circle which is no more than 43 feet away from the plate. Softball pitchers pitch underhand.Pitched from an elevated mound that is 60 feet away from the plate. Baseball pitchers pitch overhand.
InningsGenerally 7 innings in a gameGenerally 9 innings in a game
Styles of play2 – fastpitch and slow-pitch1 – traditional baseball
BasesBases are 60 feet apart. Cannot steal bases.Bases are 90 feet apart. Can steal bases.
GlovesGloves are generally longer and have deeper pockets due to the bigger ball sizeGloves are generally smaller and shorter as the ball is smaller
HistoryWas invented after baseballWas invented first

This table shows the many differences that softball and baseball have, however you can see that they are not major differences. The differences are very subtle, such as the size of the balls, gloves, bats, and the different distances that are used.

Softball has a larger ball, lighter and thinner bat, and generally has 7 innings in a game. A softball field is smaller than a baseball field and there are two styles that can be played. When it comes to the field layout, the bases are closer together in softball; the ball is pitched from a flat base, and the pitcher is closer to the batter than in baseball.

Top 5 Similarities Between Softball and Baseball

There are similarities between softball and baseball, which are largely based on the structure of the game. Here are the five top similarities between softball and baseball.

1.   The Scoring System Is Based On Runs

Both softball and baseball have a very similar scoring system. They both go by how many runs a team does, and they both require the players to run around bases and to reach the home plate in order to get a run for their team. Both softball and baseball have innings and each team is allowed three outs per inning while batting.

2.   The Player and Positions are the same

Both softball and baseball generally play with nine players on their team (unless it’s slow-pitch softball where there are ten) and they play similar positions on the field. These positions are the catcher, pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left fielder, right fielder, and center fielder.

3.   The Field Layout Is Diamond Shaped

The layout of a softball field and a baseball field are very similar. The softball field is a bit smaller, but they both have a diamond-shaped field with three bases and a home plate. The field in both sports is also divided into the same categories as the infield, outfield, and warning track.

4.   The Equipment Used Are The Same

In softball and baseball, they both use bats, balls, and gloves. They both also use protective gear such as helmets, hats and shin guards, and more.

5.   The Rules Are Nearly The Same

Both sports have similar rules to follow when it comes to the structure of the game and how someone wins and what is not allowed on the field.

From these similarities between softball and baseball, we can see how softball has taken on many attributes from the game of baseball and how it comes down to personal preference to what one you enjoy playing or watching the most.

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The Different Player Demographics Between Softball And Baseball

GenderFemale 86.8% Male 13.2 %Female 1.6% Male 98.4%
Age20-30 years 27% 30-40 years 33% 40+ years 40%20-30 years 27% 30-40 years 33% 40+ years 40%
RaceWhite 78% Hispanic or Latino 7.2% Black or African American 6.8% Asian 3.9% Unknown 3.7%White 78% Hispanic or Latino 7.2% Black or African American 6.8% Asian 3.9% Unknown 3.7%

From this table, we can see the only difference in the demographics of softball and baseball players in the United States is the gender difference, where more females play softball compared to males, and males play significantly more baseball than women. We can also see that white people aged 40 plus are the most involved in playing softball and baseball compared to other ages and races.

How Many People Play Softball and Baseball

There are statistics that show the number of participants that play softball and baseball in the United States from 2006 to 2017/2018. These statistics show the number (in millions) of the participants that are aged six and older. A participant was defined as someone who did the activity at least once a year, not necessarily a competitive player.

The results show that In 2006 the number of participants who played baseball was 14.59 million and in 2017 there were 15.64 million. In 2006, the number of participants who played softball was 11.28 million and in 2018, there were 9.69 million.

From this data, we can see that baseball is getting an increase in the number of players playing the sport, whereas softball has remained pretty steady with its numbers. We can see why softball is known to be more of a female-dominated sport, whereas baseball is more male-oriented.

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4 Reasons Why Fastpitch Softball Is Harder To Play Than Baseball

There is no clear answer to what game is harder to play, but we can look at what might make one harder than the other. Many people believe that fastpitch softball is harder than baseball. But baseball is harder than softpitch softball. Let’s explore the main reasons why fastpitch softball may be harder to play than baseball.

1.   Slapping Is Allowed In Fastpitch Softball

This is when the player can get a running start before they even hit the ball. This makes the player get to the base much faster, therefore trying to get them out is much harder to do.

However, in baseball, they first have to hit the ball before they can run to the base, which means the fielders have an easier chance of getting the player out.

2.   Less Reaction Time Due To Smaller Field

A softball field is smaller than a baseball field, this means that players have less reaction time to catch the ball and also to hit the ball. A softball can come in as fast as 70mph, which is equivalent to a baseball being thrown at 100mph.

3.   The Pitching Style

In baseball generally, the ball is thrown overhand. In fastpitch softball, sometimes the pitches use a pitching style where they make a windmill motion with their arms and release the ball when it is at the bottom, which gives it a boost and fast speed. Click here for How Fast Do Women’s Softball Pitch?

What makes this softball pitching style harder than a baseball throw is that the human eye has more difficulty noticing motion from down to up, which therefore makes it much harder for the batters to hit compared to overhand up to down throws in baseball.

4.   The Ball Used

In softball, the ball is bigger than the ball used in baseball. You would think that this would make it easier for players to hit the ball well. However, this is not the case, as the larger size ball makes it harder to hit the center of the ball. The player does not want to hit the ball too high or too low as that would result in a bag swing and hit. Click here for Why are Softballs Bigger Than Baseballs?

This shows us that it is harder to accurately strike a softball in the middle compared to a baseball which is smaller and therefore easier to hit the sweet spot.

From these four points, we can see that what makes a game of fastpitch softball harder to play than baseball comes down to the speed of the play and the effectiveness of hitting the ball well.

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What Skills Are Required To Play Softball and Baseball?

Both softball and baseball require many skills to be an effective player. We can separate the skills needed in the different categories in the field, such as fielding, batting, and pitching. Let’s explore the skills that would enhance a player’s ability in a game.

1.   Fielding

  • Throwing: Arm strength is important and so is having good accuracy. Players need to be able to throw the ball to the bases and to the other players.
  • Catching: You have to be good at catching high-flying balls and short, quick throws from other players.

2.   Batting

  • Hitting for contact: Timing, hand coordination, confidence, and a balanced stance are required.
  • Hitting for power: Lifting weights and working on your swing can develop your hitting power so the ball can be hit as far as possible.
  • Running: A baserunner will need to be fast and understand the best time and route to run in.

3.   Pitching

  • Velocity: Strong throws are essential which require arm strength.
  • Command: A good pitcher will be able to throw the ball directly where he wants it to go.

All of these skills and strengths will enable the players to be effective in many positions and can be beneficial in both softball and baseball. The key points we can see are that strength, speed and power are great abilities to have when playing the sport.

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How to Prepare for a Softball or Baseball Game

Let’s look at some ways to prepare for a softball and baseball game so you can do your best on the field.

  • Get Hydrated Before The Game

It is important you drink lots of water and stay hydrated before the game

  • Get Plenty Of Rest The Night Before

Take time to sleep and rest both your mind and body so you can be in optimum condition on game day

  • Eat Carbohydrates For Fuel

Ensure you eat meals that are carbohydrate-filled the day before the game and for breakfast. This will help you have energy throughout the game.

  • Know The Play From Your Practices

Keep in mind what you learned during your training and practices. Remember what to do in certain situations and what it is your coach has taught you.

  • Practice With The Team

Get plenty of practice working as a team together on the field. Also, ensure you practice your own fielding, pitching, and batting before game day.

Coach talking to softball team
  • Know Your Opponent

If you study your opponent, you may be able to have an idea of their strengths and weaknesses and how to combat them.

  • Visualize Your Ideal Outcome

Visualize how you want to perform and how you want the game to go, so that when you head out to play, you can act it out in real life.

  • Warm Up Your Body

Ensure you warm up your body by stretching and loosening up your muscles before you go out onto the field.

  • Have a Positive and Confident Mindset

Go into the game excited, positive and confident. Be eager to play and to win, but ultimately want to have fun and enjoy it.

From these steps on ways to prepare for your softball or baseball game, we can see that both games require similar preparation. There are many factors that need to be considered before playing a competitive sport, such as addressing your mind and body and listening to what it needs in order to perform efficiently.

We can see that preparing for a game does not just happen a few minutes before the game, but in the days leading up to it. Resting and moving your body, eating the right foods, and staying hydrated, as well as visualizing and having a great mental and emotional state, can greatly benefit your performance on the day.

Indoor Softball And Baseball

People can play indoor softball and baseball as well as playing it as an outdoor sport. Softball was originally an indoor sport based on baseball before it became an outdoor sport.

There are indoor facilities all around the world that cater to these indoor sports and it also means people can play all year round as you are protected from the elements. There are indoor sports facilities that are set up with batting cages, batting tunnels, artificial turfs, playing equipment, and more.

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20 Interesting Facts About Baseball And Softball You May Not Know


  1. The first baseball game was played in New York
  2. Each ball in major league baseball has 108 stitches
  3. Baseball is considered to be the national sport of the United States of America
  4. Nolan Ryan had the longest baseball career in history that lasted 27 years
  5. The first world series was held in 1903
  6. The league banned the use of spitballs in 1920
  7. Rawlings is the official manufacturer of major league baseballs
  8. Ray Chapman is the only player in major league baseball to have died as a result of a pitch
  9. The New York Yankees have won 26 world series titles, which are more than any other team
  10. The base most stolen in a baseball game is second base


  1. Softball got its name because the first ball used for playing indoors was soft, squishier and bigger (compared to what it is now).
  2. Early nicknames for softball were mush ball, kitten ball, and diamond ball
  3. Softball is played in over 140 countries
  4. The first rules for softball were published in 1889
  5. Softball was taken out of the Olympics after only 12 years
  6. Softball has one of the lowest injury rates among sports in the United States of America
  7. Softball is played in more than 140 countries
  8. There is a softball hall of fame
  9. The softball world championship comes up every two years
  10. Early softball was played without gloves

These facts can provide us with insight into how softball and baseball have evolved over the years as a game and as a competitive sport.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Strike Zone?

A strike zone is a term used in both softball and baseball. It is an imaginary area that the pitcher must throw through for it to be counted as a strike. If the umpire believes that the ball hasn’t been thrown through the zone, it will be called a “ball”.

The strike zone is like an area from the hitter’s chest to just below the kneecaps, as they are in their stance, ready to hit the ball.

When Is Softball And Baseball Season In The United States of America?

For competitive softball teams, the season is during June, July, and August. For competitive baseball teams, the season is during April, May, June, July, August, and September. However, there are often pre-season training games and post-season games that take place.

Who Are The Top Softball and Baseball Players Of All Time?

The top softball players of all time are Dot Richardson, Lisa Fernandez, Cat Osterman, Jennie Finch, Jessica Mendoza, and Joan Joyce. The top baseball players of all time are Roger Clemens, Honus Wagner, Stan Musial, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, and Hank Aaron.

Final Words

To conclude, the differences between softball and baseball are reflected in the different equipment used, the size of the field, and the number of innings played in a game. There are more similarities between softball and baseball compared to other sports and games.

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