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You’re looking for a new hobby but not sure where to start. You could do sports with a team, but sometimes it’s not always an option. Solo sports and hobbies allow you to think and have time for yourself. So what sports can people do alone?

There are many sports and games that everyone can do alone and with others.  Read on to explore 50 sports and games that anyone can do with just a little bit of practice and minimal equipment.

1. Running

Anyone can do running! All you need is the right pair of shoes and a place to run. Whether you run 1 mile or complete a marathon, running is the perfect cardio exercise.

Kettle Bells for Weight Training

2. Weight Lifting

Try weight lifting if you want to gain some weight or tone your muscles! You can do this alone or with a trainer. All ages can weight lift, which is perfect for building muscle and staying fit.

3. Speed Walking

If running isn’t your cup of tea, then try speed walking! Put on your walking shoes and listen to your favourite music as you get moving.

4. Swimming

If you live near a lake or have access to a pool, try swimming! Swimming is the perfect sport that anyone can do and is a great life skill.

5. Dancing

If you like music and are looking for an upbeat, energetic way to exercise, try dancing! Dancing can be done in many ways, in groups, independent classes, or just by yourself! Plus, there are various styles of dancing for you to choose from!

6. Cycling

Are you looking to see new places and exercise at the same time? Then you should go cycling! All you need is a bicycle and a helmet, and you can explore your surroundings with a breeze.

Person riding a bicycle

7. Kayaking

Kayaking is the perfect sport for nature lovers. You can explore and enjoy a breath of fresh air while out on a lake or river, all while exercising your upper body strength and core muscles.

8. Hiking

If you want a sport that gets you outdoors and into nature, you should go hiking! You can find trails that range from easy to complex, making this sport perfect for anyone!

9. Golfing

Golf may be the answer if you want a more relaxing sport. Although golfing is an expensive sport, you can do it almost anywhere!

Golfer swinging a golf club

10. Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a sport for water lovers. If you like to be on the water and take in the views but also want to practice balance and core muscle strength, then paddle boarding is the perfect sport for you.

11. Rollerblading

Rollerblading may be your answer if you have a good balance and are looking for a sport that’s not as strenuous as running or hiking. You can rollerblade almost anywhere with good streets and even use your talent at the roller stadium!

12. Skateboarding

Try skateboarding if you want to burn calories and continue exercising for hours! Not only do you burn calories, but this sport strengthens your leg and core muscles.

Skateboarder skating in a pool

13. Diving

If you are a good swimmer and a water lover, practice your skills by diving! This sport increases your flexibility and agility and is suitable for those who know how to swim.

14. Table Tennis

Although table tennis sounds like a dual sport, you can also do it yourself! Table tennis practices hand-eye coordination and is suitable for all ages.

15. Bowling

Bowling is the perfect sport that anyone can enjoy! Whether you’re 5, 50, or 80, bowling is the perfect sport that allows you to practice and perfect your technique until you get a strike in every round.

Bowling ball with bowling pins

16. Gymnastics

If you want to practice flexibility, core strength, and balance, try gymnastics!! You don’t need to be a part of a team or have any particular skills, as you can learn them all through practice.

17. Surfing

If you live by the beach, you know it can be too hot for any non-water sports. If you’re looking to exercise on those hot days, strengthen your entire body by going surfing!

18. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is the perfect sport for improving circulation and stretching your muscles. If you love animals, this sport is meant for you.

19. Kick-Boxing

Are you looking to improve your mood and balance at the same time? Kickboxing reduces your stress levels, burns calories, and is a perfect cross-training workout that anyone can do.

20. Canoeing

If you love being on the water and want to improve your balance and strengthen core muscles, try canoeing! Spend time exploring nature and seeing the beauty of life while improving your overall health by canoeing.

A canoe

21. Archery

Have you ever shot a bow and arrow? Now’s the time to try! Archery improves your focus,  hand-eye coordination, and upper body strength! This sport helps you relieve stress and keep healthy through short bursts of energy, which is perfect for anyone who does not want a strenuous activity.

22. Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a great sport! All you need is snow and a snowboard! Snowboarding burns calories strengthens lower body and core muscles, improves flexibility, and increases endurance! If you love the snow, give snowboarding a try!

23. Skiing

Like snowboarding, skiing is a great sport if you like the snow and cold weather. Skiing strengthens your knees and improves your flexibility, making you less prone to muscle sprains and knee injuries.

A skier

24. Snorkeling

If you can swim and love the ocean, you should go snorkelling! Use your swimming skills to explore the deep and unknown areas of the sea or lakes. Experience the beauty of marine life and its wonders while getting into shape!

25. Aerobics

Aerobics isn’t known as a sport, but it might as well be! You can increase your stamina, strengthen your heart, and improve your overall health by completing only a few weekly aerobics classes!

26. Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is an excellent sport if you live near the beach! Practice your upper body and core strength, balance, and tone your body while fighting the force of the wind! Although it requires a lot of practice to master, kite surfing is an excellent sport for nature and water lovers that want to get into shape.


27. Paragliding

If you are adventurous and like to explore, try paragliding! This sport requires training, but anyone can do it! While practicing, you will gain core strength and improve your posture, balance, and stability!

28. Javelin

Javelin is a great independent sport that any person can do, and it’s a high-endurance activity that involves throwing an object similar to a spear. This sport focuses on stability, upper body strength, and overall core muscles, making it an ideal sport for people of any age.

29. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an excellent sport for people of all ages! You can climb inside or outside once you have acquired the necessary skills.

A rock climber

30. Sailing

Sailing is an ideal sport for those whole love to be on the water or out in the lakes or ocean. Sailing may not seem like a sport, but it develops muscle strength, improves cardiovascular health, and reduces the rate of obesity! You can learn to sail at any age, and you just need to have the necessary equipment. 

31. Triathlon

A triathlon consists of three sports: cycling, swimming, and running! If you want to participate in a sport by yourself that challenges your abilities, sign up for a triathlon!

32. Yoga

Yoga is the perfect sport for practicing mindfulness and positivity. Any person can do it; the more you practice, the better you get. While practicing yoga, you improve your mental health, flexibility, and balance!

33. Track and Field

If you want to practice more than one skill in a sport, you should try track and field. Track and field consist of running, sprints, javelin, long jump, and many more activities. Each of these activities exercises your core muscles, boosts metabolism, increases agility, and improves your overall health.

34. Motor Cross

Although motor cross doesn’t seem like an exercise, it strengthens your body! Through aerobic endurance and increasing muscle strength, motocross increases your heart rate, making it a whole-body workout!

A person riding motocross

35. Crossfit

If you are looking to proactively lose weight and strengthen muscles without the help of someone else, cross-fit is the sport for you. Cross fit helps lose weight, build strength, increase agility and flexibility, and benefit your overall health. The best part is, you can do cross-fit in your home!

36. Billiards

Billiards is a laid-back sport that strengthens your arms, back, and legs and improves hand-eye coordination and focus.

37. Darts

Like billiards, darts are a great sport that practices hand-eye coordination, focus, and upper-arm strength. While aiming for the bullseye, you have to have the right mindset, making it the perfect sport for clearing your mind and focusing on the task.

38. Fishing

If you like to interact with nature, then you should try fishing! This sport allows you to practice upper arm strength and core body muscles while participating in a hobby you may love!

Fishing rod attached to a boat

39. Tennis

Like table tennis, tennis might seem like a dual sport; however, you can practice on the court and become a pro yourself! Practicing tennis improves speed, agility, and stamina, strengthing your core muscles and reducing stress with every swing.

40. Fencing

Fencing is a combat sport where you must touch the other person before they touch you. However, you can practice fencing alone, improving your rhythm, balance, coordination, and ability to read non-verbal cues. If you are looking for a sport that isn’t as intense as football or soccer but is just as competitive, fencing may be suitable for you.

41. Wall Ball

Wall ball is a great physical activity that will get you moving and increase your agility! Whether alone or with a partner, the goal is to hit the ball against the wall using your hands, which must bounce before you hit it back. This game is played all over the world and is a perfect workout!

42. Hackey Sack

The hackey sack is an excellent independent or group sport; all you need is a hackey sack full of sand or beads. Throw the ball up and keep it off the ground using your feet, legs, or knees. This game improves hand-eye coordination, focus, and agility, as you watch the ball and make movements calculated to hit the ball each time.

43. Ji Jitsu

This martial arts sport is perfect for anyone looking to learn self-defence skills. Not only will you learn how to protect yourself, but you will develop strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination!

44. Squash

Like a wall ball, Squash consists of two people hitting a ball against the wall until it is unplayable. However, in Squash, you use your rackets. This sport is ideal for people who would like to

Squash racket with balls

45. Badminton

Badminton is the perfect sport for anyone looking to improve muscle strength and heart functioning. Although badminton is a two-person sport, you can play it by yourself with the racket and the shuttlecock!

46. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball, like badminton, is a two-person sport but has many benefits by practicing on your own. Bocce ball consists of 8 balls and 4 per team. Then you throw each ball underhand, trying to reach the goal or pallina. Practicing bocce ball sharpens your mind, increases coordination, and gives you light cardio.

47. Jai Alai

Jai Alai is a game played by 1-4 players in which you use a long curved wicker basket to throw a ball against the wall. The rules are similar to Wall-Ball the only difference is you use a wicker racket, not your hands.

48. Body Building

Bodybuilding is a sport similar to weight lifting, but it aims to gain a lot of muscle mass. Everyone can participate in this sport, but they must target different goals.

A great benefit of this sport is a higher sense of self-confidence and more strong muscles!

49. Mountain Climbing

Similar to rock climbing, mountain climbing consists of crawling or climbing up a mountain using the rocks and stones in the mountain. This sport is perfect for increasing the strength of core muscles, but it also increases self-awareness and mental agility.

50. Judo

Judo is a martial art in which two opponents use holds and leverage to subdue an opponent. This sport is known as “the gentle way” in Japan, but it is a rigorous, full-body workout. Check out this post on 26 Best Indoor Recreational Activities For All Ages


Dozens of different sports engage your entire body or other muscle areas. If you are looking for an activity that keeps you in shape but isn’t too rigorous, try anything from walking to climbing, squash or badminton, or cycling to climbing! The options are endless; it depends on you to decide what you like and what sport you’d like to do.

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